Will Bradley [1894] "Hearts Are Trump, Tom Hall / The Twins" Art nouveau 2 sided book plate Ready to frame
Will Bradley [1894] "Hearts Are Trump, Tom Hall / The Twins" Art nouveau 2 sided book plate Ready to frame

Will Bradley [1894] "Hearts Are Trump, Tom Hall / The Twins" Art nouveau 2 sided book plate Ready to frame

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Authentic vintage book plate, not a reproduction, in superb vintage condition. No tears or writing or folds.

Full page - 9.25 x 12 inches tall Illustration(s) - approx. 7.75 x 9.75 inches tall / 8 x 10.75 inches tall

Please note: This is an authentic old vintage print, not a reprint or reproduction. It may have some signs of age, but this adds to the unique charm. The image(s) may not be centered on the page and there may be text below the illustrations detailing what the image is.

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About Mr. Bradley (as read on Wikipedia):

William Bradley was an American Art Nouveau illustrator and artist. Nicknamed the "Dean of American Designers" by The Saturday Evening Post, he was the highest paid American artist of the early 20th century.

Bradley's artistic style is considered a branch of Art Nouveau (where he was considered the foremost illustrator and poster designer of this movement) though it draws heavily from the aesthetics of the Arts and Crafts Movement and Japanese block printing.

His work was often compared to that of his English contemporary, Aubrey Beardsley, so much so that some critics dismissed him as simply “The American Beardsley.” Bradley was already an established artist by the time Beardsley’s designs became popular in England in 1894.

Bradley's primary medium was posters, at the time a developing art form.

Poster art was pioneered at the turn of the century by French artists like Jules Chéret and Toulouse-Lautrec, but Bradley is credited with popularizing the two-dimensional poster style in the United States.

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