Ivan Rabuzin "Landscape" Vintage art book page print from Collection Ledic, Zagreb
Ivan Rabuzin "Landscape" Vintage art book page print from Collection Ledic, Zagreb

Ivan Rabuzin "Landscape" Vintage art book page print from Collection Ledic, Zagreb

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Authentic vintage art book page, not a reproduction, in quality vintage condition.

o tears, writing, folds or significant creases.

Page may be lightly creased/rippled at the margin corners or binding edge (does not affect the artwork).

This book page has been salvaged from a nearly 50 year old art book that was orphaned or damaged in the binding. It may have some signs of age such as mild foxing in the margins, light creasing along edges or some tanning, but no defects that will have significant impact on the artwork itself. There will not be handwritten notations on either side.

Measures (approx.):

Full page - 8 3/8 x 11 3/4 inches tall Illustration(s) - 7 1/4 x 5 1/4 inches tall

Please note:

The image(s) may not be centered on the page and there may be a brief textual blurb on the back or in the margins. Some images may have another on the reverse side. The image may only contain a portion of the original painting due to being printed across multiple pages. The page as shown in the last image for this listing is a scan of the full page from the book, containing the margins as they are present. That is the image of how this book page is laid out. Can be trimmed as desired. If desired, scan the artwork to reproduce at any custom size.

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