Did You Know? 8 Facts about Frank Herbert and "Dune"

Frank Herbert wrote one of the greatest science-fiction epics ever conceived - "Dune". 

However, prior to its initial printing in 1965, the acceptance and success of what became a best-selling series, was anything but assured.

Here are 8 interesting facts about "Dune" and it's author Mr. Frank Herbert you might not have known:

#1) Mr. Herbert's "Dune" manuscript was rejected 23 times before being accepted by the automobile repair manual publisher Chilton.  The rest was history - the book went on to win both the Hugo Award and the inaugural Nebula Award for Best Novel.  It is now said to be the best selling science-fiction book of all time.

#2) It took almost two decades for a film adaptation to reach theaters even though the rights to the book were optioned as early as 1971.  David Lynch's 1984 film was released to less than favorable response, not breaking even at the box office.  In the years since, as is often the case with misunderstood art, the movie has become something of a cult favorite.

#3) An early concept for a film version, started in 1974 was to be directed by Alejandro Jodorosky and would have had a running length of 14 hours.  Unfortunately for the production, financial support dried up and the project closed down.

#4) This one, in retrospect, makes me wonder: "What was George Lucas thinking?!?"  Lucas' production company offered David Lynch the job of directing "Return of the Jedi".  Lynch turned it down because he wanted to film "Dune".  If you thought Jabba's palace and sail barge were borderline trippy - imagine those scenes having been filmed by the director of "Eraserhead"...

#5) In 1983 Mr. Herbert published a novel about a worldwide pandemic - "The White Plague".  The premise focuses on what could happen to society if all of the women died from disease.

#6) Helena Bonham Carter was cast to play the part in the film of Princess Irulan, but had to decline due to scheduling conflicts with what ended up becoming her first film role "A Room With a View".

#7) Mr. Herbert, before turning his attention to science fiction/fantasy, spent a decade as a political speech writer.

#8) All of the low plains on the moons of Saturn are named after planets in the canon of Dune.

What's your favorite odd-ball fact about your favorite writers?

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